Creating New Nordic Walkers

Sometimes it only takes a taste to know that something is really good!

Nordic Walking is like that, try it and I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.  That’s what happened last week.  My Nordic walking classes here in the Cold Spring area have begun, I’m expanding the kingdom of fitness for the Nordic Walking Queen.  There are 11 in the Cold Spring 3 week course, 20 seniors at the Senior Connection Taste in Sartell and 18 at the Intro in New London.  That’s a lot of walkers!

It’s so much fun to be back teaching and guiding these classes.  I love sharing my passion for poles with new people and love it that they trust enough to sign up for these classes even tho they may not really know what Nordic walking is all about.  I’ve yet to see anyone else out this way walking with poles but that’s about to change.

Thank you to everyone who came out to try Nordic Walking.  I trust we will walk many miles together on our journey towards confidence and strength as Nordic Walkers! Watch for Nordic walking clubs in your area!



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