Move Forward Into Your Walk – Checking your technique

Check your technique with a quick assessment of your forward movement.  We would all agree that Nordic Walking involves more energy than a simple stroll around the block.  During our walk we should feel that our energy is directed forward, not up and down.  Check your technique with these simple self observations.

1.  Do your toes push off with each step moving you forward or are you bouncing up and down off your toes.  You should feel that you are rolling off your foot and propelling yourself in a gliding motion forward without a lot of wasted movement up and down.

2.  Are your legs swinging from the hip socket?  Loose hips may sink ships but they will help you step forward with a comfortable stride landing in the middle of your heel.  Let go and settle into your hips to allow a natural rotation of the hips with each step. This will also help release your lower back.

3.  Nordic walking includes a long arm that swings forward from the shoulder with the pole quietly following to the contact point with the ground.  Do not lift up the pole with the elbow to bring it up and down to the contact.  Just like your hips, relax your upper back and let those arms swing with a bit of natural rotation.


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