Women with Women

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I’ve been sharing time on the mountain with women and loving every minute of it.  Some have been dear friends from the HOW, Hoigaards Outdoor Women, group.  So delightful to have them here!  Others have been new friends here at Big Sky for the first time.  Listening to their stories and enjoying fun on the slopes together has been both fulfilling and inspirational for me.

I didn’t know how much I was missing my time with other women outdoors.  We do more than just have fun together – we nurture, challenge and support each other. We respect our different levels of experience, ability and confidence and help each other move to the next level in all three areas.  We laugh and cry out loud for the sheer joy of fresh air, sunshine, trees and fast turns down snow covered hills.  At the end of the day we raise our glasses high in a toast to the wonders of all we’ve experienced that day.

Do you have a group of women to play with outdoors?  HOW was one way to come together, my new friends found each other thru book groups, ski lessons and biking groups.  No matter how these groups begin they are sure to grow once the word gets out that there is opportunity to go outside to play with other women.

Embrace your time together!  Let it nourish and refresh you in all ways.  and especially enjoy all those hugs that are sure to be going around!


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