Nordic Walkers Meet Up

I’ve been walking and teaching and coaching Nordic Walking since 2005.  The most consistent request from all walkers is “where are all the walking groups and how do I join up with them?”  Up until now it was the tough question as we really don’t have many consistent walking groups and have even less people willing to lead them.

How do you find other Nordic Walkers?  The good news is that it’s 2013 and there are MeetUp groups for all kinds of activities and interests.  So last week I created the Great Lakes Nordic Walkers / MN Meetup group.  I thought about just infiltrating other outdoor hiking and walking groups with my poles but figured that it was best to come out of the closet and create our own group for all those people with poles who want to walk together.

It will be interesting to see if we get anyone to sign up, if we get anyone to post and host a walk or a group, if we ever go on a walk together.  What I do know is that our Nordic Walking Tuesdays are still walking strong after 6 years and we’re already talking about what the new season will be so there is hope for any and all other walks.

Stay tuned to find out if there are any meetup Nordic Walkers out there 🙂

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