Mayo Clinic Health Letter includes Nordic Walking

The May issue of the Mayo Clinic Health Letter from Rochester, Minnesota included an article about Nordic Walking and the benefits of walking with poles.  yahoo!

When I first started Nordic Walking in 2005  I was convinced that Nordic Walking would grow in the US just like it had in Europe and I was excited to be one of the people making it happen.  Alas, it’s taking me much longer to infiltrate the walking community with poles than I thought it would and I often feel like no one is listening to me.

When Mayo Clinic, a renowned leader in the health care field, does an article endorsing the benefits of Nordic Walking I get very excited.  It’s just the shot in the arm that I need to keep the faith and continue with my mission to empower everyone to walk tall with less stress, more energy and strength.

The good news, people are listening.  I’m working closely with Struthers Parkinson’s Clinic in Golden Valley, leading “Parkinson friendly” Nordic Walks and hoping to open those walks up to others with mobility limitations.

People are calling for private lessons.  Corporation Wellness programs are seeking lunch and learn demo’s to promote healthy workplace habits.  Active older adults come to classes hoping that the poles can ensure them the strength and confidence for independent walking for the rest of their lives.  Small walking groups are forming after classes are finished.

I have hope and energy again!  Thank you Mayo Clinic for your support.  Let the Nordic walking continue!

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