Risk + Trust = Joy

Risk and Trust.  Laura and Mia took me to the top of the chutes off the tram at Snowbird.  I have never skied a “chute”, like to stay away from close encounters with rocks and steeps.  When I hesitated Laura said to me, “I’ve never asked you to do something that I didn’t believe you could do.”  She’s right.  So I pulled up my big girl panties and followed them.  Because I trusted them I was willing to take the risk and it was awesome!

my chute is the towards the middle with the pine tree at the bottom of it 🙂

What are you willing to risk for new adventures?  What do you want to learn to do, where do you want to go?  kayaking,  Nordic walking, roller skiing,  Boundary Waters, Apostle Islands?  It’s time to make that list and commit the time!

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