The best poles for beginners?

I’m often asked which pole is the best pole for a beginning walker.  A good question and a bit of a complicated answer.

I always assume that if someone is asking about the right pole they are excited about Nordic Walking and ready to purchase poles.  I then walk them through thinking of poles as an investment in equipment and how performance  and quality affect your final purchase decision.  Purchasing equipment is different from deciding what to have for lunch.  It’s an investment in your health, for most people a one time purchase, you want to make the best choice so that the poles will walk well for you.

I don’t believe that there is a designated beginner or advanced pole.  I prefer to think about matching your pole purchase to your activity level and budget. As long as you purchase a quality pole  you will make a good decision. I want my customer to be happy for many years with the pole that they purchase today.  Hence I pose some questions that will help define their purchase parameters.

1. Are you a walker?  how many times per week, miles per week do you walk?

2. What is your interest level in Nordic Walking?  Do you see yourself adding Nordic Walking poles to your daily walks? Do you want to be a Nordic Walker?

3. What is your primary purpose for using Nordic Walking poles ?

4, How would you benefit from the more expensive pole?

5. What is your budget for purchasing poles?

I walk with a LEKI Speed Pacer Vario.  I have the traveller version so I can take it with me wherever I go.  I love the way they dance with me on the trail, their responsiveness and their quiet touch on the pavement.  I can’t imagine walking without them so I seldom do.

Your pole should be fun to walk with, it should invite you and motivate you to get out for a Nordic Walk!  Enjoy!!!

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