Get started on the right foot, and hand, and foot, and hand

It’s been a miserable spring.  Cold and wet, not the best for walking outdoors. And the sign ups for Community Ed classes have been disappointing.  What’s happening?

Do we really give up our health and well being when it rains?  Do we need to offer more free demo’s to introduce people to the fun and fitness of Nordic Walking or maybe chocolate? in order to lure them into a class?  How do we get the word out about this amazing fitness activity?

Why take a class?  After all you just take two poles in your hands and go for a walk.  oh wait, there’s rhythm and technique and you want to get the most out of your poles. It’s not hard to do but it’s not intuitive since we are familiar with poles for skiing and hiking and this is different. It’s all about fitness.  It’s all about being healthy.  It’s all about working your own body weight and strength against the ground to create the best walk.

I’ve never had anyone take a class that wasn’t thrilled with what they gained from the experience.  It’s amazing what a little bit of knowledge, personal attention and feedback, and good form will do for a new activity.

If you’re thinking of taking up Nordic Walking, think about taking a class.  It will increase your enjoyment and the benefits that you receive from walking with poles.  Check out the Nordic Walking Queen calendar or Great Lakes Nordic Walking schedule to find a class that works for you.  I promise you’ll not be disappointed.

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