A Day with Richard Louv

Sometimes you just gotta love the day!

My day began with a walk with Gail, the sun came up in a perfect blue sky, and I got to go listen to Richard Louv.

Even if his name isn’t familiar, if you read this blog you’ve heard me refer to  his book “Last Child in the Woods”.  His concept of nature deficit disorder helped me appreciate all the days I dressed 12 children to go outdoors to play in all seasons.  It’s also part of what drives me to encourage everyone I know to get out! Outdoors that is, feet on the ground, hands in the dirt, breathless with the wonder of it all.

The first book was about children and “The Nature Principle” is about adults.  As humans we need to spend time in nature to be truly healthy in body, mind and spirit. How do we connect our communities, our schools, our businesses, our recreation, our families to the natural world around us that gives us life?

The Minnesota Connection Panel included representatives from tourism, conservation groups, child development, health care, developers, landscape architects, landscape designers, hunting and fishing interests and parks and recreation. It was inspiring to hear how “The Nature Principle”  will be guiding their missions and their programs going forward.

All this and the tulips were in full bloom!  Lock me out so I can go play!!!!

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