Watching the snow melt…

Time slows down when you’re in recovery mode.

I had shoulder surgery on Monday, same problem as in 2001, bone spurs that were shredding tendons and muscles.  I hate getting old. Good news is that this time it’s much less painful and by the end of June I’ll be back with all my favorite summer activities.  Just so you know, this was not a result of any one thing, I don’t do dangerous risky sports.  I just have a very active lifestyle and at 59 years of age have to pay the price for all that.

It’s not easy slowing down.  Post op requires lots of naps and simply watching the world outside my windows.  I’ve been blessed with 3 beautiful sunny days and the snow is slowly disappearing, I hope for the last time this season. Even so, the days pass slowly and I know I’ll be practicing patience over the next 4 weeks of wearing a sling.

Not to worry tho, Nordic Walking Queen classes and events will be carried on as planned thanks to my Nordic walking friends. It’s wonderful to have so much support through the community!  Thanks to everyone who is stepping in for me!

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