Day 29 Lazy Day

We’d skied for 4 days in a row so it was time for a day off.  I sat with my computer working on Nordic Walking Queen updates and events, Hoigaard’s corporate contacts and my HOW eletter.  It snowed most of the day and often it was snowing sideways with the wind.  It won’t be a light fluffy now since it’s warm but the mountain got a bit of what it needed to fill in.  Tuesday should be fun.

I’ve been pondering this sabbatical.  One surprise, the amount of time we didn’t spend just the two of us together.   The evenings have been full of family, friends, HOW women, and recovering from travel.  True down time has actually been limited.  Not that it’s been a bad thing, just a surprise.

Being in the mountains for 4 weeks I expected we would have at least one big dump. But that hasn’t happened either.  We’ve had good snow, 3-6 inches, but no knee deep powder experiences.  Just watch, as soon as we hit the road it will start snowing!

Do you know what I wish I had with me?  an second pair of pj’s, my travel CD’s from my car (no I don’t have an Ipod, guess I need to get one), a long sleeve cotton T shirt (really thought I’d put that in),  my “get a grips” for walking on these slippery streets.

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