Spring Resolutions!

Winter is loosing her grip and snow is melting.  It’s that time of year Minnesotans start thinking of putting away their winter toys, getting out the grill and hitting the trails and lakes.  It’s also the time of year many take stock of the idle time of winter and vow to get out and get active.

It’s not easy to change those winter habits tho.  Getting up earlier, in the dark, is not fun. (don’t get me started about this early daylight savings plan)  I would always go for the chocolate donut over the yogurt even when thinking of swim suit season.

You know what you need, a plan and a buddy and 30 days to change a habit.

The good news – there are lots of motivating programs coming up this spring with great plans to get you moving.

Hennepin County’s Step To It starts May 9

Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation’s Women on the Move June 1-July 20

American Heart Association’s Start!Walking April 6

Map My Walk Marathon in 30 days challenge   goes until May 15, choose your own 30 days

Nordic Walking Queen will be doing lots of Nordic Walking classes, events and walking groups this spring.

Grab your buddy and get out there!

and in the meantime check out  your risk for Diabetes Type 2 on March 22 by taking the Diabetes Challenge.  Sometimes knowledge is the best motivator for changing your lifestyle.

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