Day 27/28 Last Weekend

When we began this sabbatical there were endless days of skiing ahead of us.  Now we’re counting down and beginning to look forward to going home.  It’s spring break in Montana and Big Sky is busy!  Good to see so many families out enjoying this beautiful mountain.  There’s lots of Minnesotans here.  Probably because it’s such an easy drive and it’s so family friendly.

We skied Moonlight both days, partly to avoid the crowds at Big Sky and partly because with the sunny warm days the snow is better on the north side.  Saturday we found soft pockets of fresh snow on some of our favorite runs, even the bumps stayed soft.  Sunday we skied with Michelle and Brian and even at the end of the day found fresh tracks through the trees on White Oak.

We’re back where we began in the Lake Condos.  Our last move, bed number 7.  It’s up 3 flights of stairs to the top floor, reminds me that I need to pack lighter and carry less with me when traveling.  Our plan is to ski thru Wednesday then drag it all down to the car and drive home early Thursday morning.  Of course the weather could alter our plans but right now there are no forecasts for big snows coming our way.

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