Dark Days Challenge Week 9

I was up in Grand Marais MN the first part of the week.  Coming back I actually had a couple of days off, imagine that. I got so caught up in getting caught up that I almost missed making my local meal. The good news, there was pig in the freezer and still a few brussel sprouts in the frig. I’ve been reading about everyone cooking those little green treats in bacon so had to do it myself. I must admit that it’s a bit over board to do both pork chops and bacon in the same meal but it was delicious.Our local meal: pork chops with fresh garlic on the grill, brussel sprouts with done in the oven with bacon, sliced MN apples and sourdough bread from the local coop. On a side note it’s one of the heaviest sourdough’s in the area, taste’s so much like my mom used to make. She always had starter going on the counter for something. Maybe I’ll have to get one going, I’m getting hungry for sourdough pancakes.  Anyone know where to get a good starter?

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