Best Way to start the day!

Snow and cold has kept Gail and I from our morning nordic walking routine. It was just too dangerous to walk outside on icy, dark roads in below zero temps.  We were relegated to doing the dreaded Pilates DVD at 5:45am.  I do enjoy the change, and Pilates is a great workout, but it’s just not the same as going outside to start the day.This morning we finally were able to hit the road again at the break of dawn.  well, actually before the break of dawn but if it wasn’t a cloudy morning I’m sure the dawn would have been close by the time we finished.It felt so good to get outside!  There’s still snowpack on all the walking trails and the roads are a bit dicey but by taking the rubber tips off the poles for added stability and with my trusty “get a grips” on my shoes we managed to finish our walk with no falls.Maybe tomorrow we’ll take our XC skis up to the lake and do a ski loop. Gosh, I love winter!

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