Women’s Leadership Challenge Conference

It was my pleasure today to attend the Women’s Leadership Challenge Conference at St Catherine’s University in St Paul.  My friend and fellow nordic walker Anne Pryor had made the connection and we presented Nordic Walking for Life as one of the break out sessions in the afternoon.It was empowering to spend time with a group of women who are all leaders within the businesses and community. They represented small personal businesses to large corporations, non profits, government and university programs.  Vital, strong, wonderful women!  The perfect audience for nordic walking.Unfortunately we were forced to walk indoors due to icy sidewalks. The women were game to go out, showing up with their boots and coats, but we decided that learning a new activity and dodging ice just wasn’t the best combination. There was ample room to walk in hallways and coridors and we even found a small ramped hallway leading to the next building.We had 12 women walking with poles and I’m sure we converted them all to the best way to walk!  It was the perfect place to network and make those connections for future demo’s and classes. I can’t wait to see what comes from it all.

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