HOW Winter Getaway

It’s Wednesday morning in Grand Marais Minnesota. For those not familiar with Minnesota I’m way up on the “arrowhead” just about 60 miles from Canada, right on Lake Superior. Grand Marais is a small town cradled between the big water and the big woods. At times there are more deer on the hiway than cars. It’s an artistic community, inspired by the natural elements around them that set the pace of every day. The Superior Hiking trail, Gunflint lodge, Lutsen ski resort, multiple state parks, and of course the lake itself are only a few feet away.In summer it’s a busy tourist spot, in winter lots of the stores and restaurants are closed so it’s much quieter, the perfect place for a retreat from life in the city. I’m watching the day begin on the lake. Yesterday it was windy and big waves crashed on the beaches and rocks along the shore. Water splashed up over the breaker for the harbor. Clouds broke apart creating islands of sunlight out on the lakeand eventually the day ended with a spectacular sunset of red and gold.We are a mixed group of wise and wonderful women, ten in number and generations in experience. We have skied, snowshoed, explored, ate and drank together during our time here. We have stretched our bodies and our minds, challenging ourselves to take a deep breathe and go a little further.I am refreshed in spirit and mind and almost ready to return to the cities. I love HOW, Hoigaard’s Outdoor Women. It allows me to know women who are outside my normal circle of life. I am enriched by their energy and their willingness to share their lives with me and each other on our trips and events. It is a joy and a blessing.

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