Dark Days Food Challenge

It all started with the chicken carcass sitting on my sidewalk in below zero weather waiting to be cooked down for stock and final de-boning. I was at the local Great Harvest Bread shop and they had an offer of free dinner rolls with a purchase of the Frontier Soup mixes. Now it’s probably cheating but the company is from Illinois, a little out of my range but still midwest, and the ingredients are all organic and gluten free. I didn’t think I could go wrong with “corn, rice, potato, red pepper, chives, cayenne pepper and dill” in the bag. And I got a pack of 6 sunflower whole grain dinner rolls to enjoy with it for free!  what a deal.

So my cheater local meal of the week was the Red Pepper Corn Chowder mix from Frontier Soups, www.frontiersoups.com, with stock and chicken from our own bird, supplemented with sea salt and pepper (not local) sunflower dinner rolls from Great Harvest and a sliced MN apple from the fridge. 

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