Winter Walking

Oh, the icy roads and paths are making nordic walking very difficult these days. I have to admit that Gail and I have resorted to doing our Pilates tape early in the morning and I’ve been snowshoeing in the fields when the sun is out. It’s just not the same when I can’t start my day with walking out the door to greet the morning.

 On another note there are lots of places to walk with your poles indoors. Rhea Kontos just posted information for the southern suburbs on her blog and I thought I’d add to that for the western and northern areas.

Most of the indoor “Dale’s” will allow indoor nordic walking. Just be sure to go before they open the stores as there’s something inherently dangerous about pole walkers and mom’s with strollers and little ones mixed together. As Rhea said the MOA has a walking club where you can even log in and keep track of how often and how long you walk.

Plymouth Community Center has an indoor walking track in the Field Housethat is open to walkers many hours each day.  You can call the recording for updated information 763-509-5292 and yes, your poles are welcome. It’s an inflated dome area so be sure to dress with an extra layer, it’s a little cooler than just indoors.

For safe outdoor walking be sure to check out Centennial Lakes in Edina. The path around park is about 1.5 miles, you can do it each direction to make it 3 and go off on the promenade for extra mileage. It’s always well shoveled and a beautiful place for a winter walk.

If you’re a member of The Marsh you can use your poles when walking on their indoor track.  You might check to make sure there isn’t any restriction on hours.

Wherever you’re walking just be careful when mixing with the general public. And of course use the opportunity to spread the good word about all the benefits of Nordic Walking with everyone who stops you to ask if you forgot your skis.

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