Dark Days Challenge

I don’t always have time to do a real breakfast even on the weekend.  Sam, my 24 yr old son, and I were going to go tele skiing on Saturday but when the day started at -15 and promised to only make it to zero we bagged the idea of driving to ski and made breakfast instead. 

 Homemade blueberry pancakes with local flour, milk, butter and home laid eggs.   exceptions the salt, baking soda, organic cane sugar.  Blueberries from the freezer, local maple syrup warmed of course with our local pig bacon and patti sausage on the side.  The orange juice and coffee were organic but not local.  gee, hope I don’t have too many exceptions here.

 It was delightful to make a full plate and sit to watch the woodpeckers busy on the suet from the same pig feasting in the cold.

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