First Nordic Ski of the winter

It was a different Christmas here in Minnesota. Lots of shoveling and delayed plans due to the snowstorm.  I figured it was simply more proof that God is female, after all, Mary had labored all through the night and everyone thought they needed to come and celebrate right away. A good snowstorm is just what she needed to be able to snuggle down into bed with a newborn and go back to sleep. Let the celebrations and parties wait just one more day.

 Our lives are so busy that forced down time with one’s own family was an unexpected gift. I heard from so many folks that they simply stayed home and hung out.  Perfect!

The day after Christmas I couldn’t find anyone to go play with me. Sam, my youngest, was shoveling again, Dan, my husband, is healing a broken hip from a fall off his bike, Gail was hosting another family event. I was stuck going for my first cross country ski by myself. Driving up to the park on icy and snow packed roads I wondered about my choice of activity. Thankfully the ski tracks were in good shape and I was off to enjoy some silent time on the trail.

It took me a bit to find my balance on those skinny skis, downhill and telemark are my real passions.  I always feel like a novice on the trails and I never get the kick wax right so I struggle going up hills. But if felt good to be out and moving in the snow and cold.

For me, cross country skiing is about as close to kayaking as I can get in the winter. The natural rhythm matches the rhythm of the paddling stroke and I find myself settling into a moving meditation state as I kick and glide through the fields and woods. The ski trails track along one of my favorite paddling lakes and back waters so there’s a wonderful physical connection also. 

I felt great as I got back to my car. Kicked off the season and with all of our snow it’s sure to be a good one. 

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