Women’s Weekend at Camp St Croix

April 20

I spent the weekend with 40 women at Camp St Croix in Hudson, Wisconson.  It was our 2nd annual Women’s Weekend with an emphasis on taking good care of oneself in all aspects of our lives.  For most of us it’s a chance to dump our everyday responsibilities and go play for a couple of days.  It’s fun to watch the women as they slowly let go of kids, jobs, homes and life stresses and start to relax.  Friday night we sat by an outdoor fire til almost midnight just talking and enjoying each other’s company.  Strangers when we arrived and friends immediately.  It’s that special magic of women just accepting you for who you are and inviting you to openly share yourself and learn from each other. 

There was a multitude of choices during the weekend and of course Nordic Walking was at the top of the list.  We did 3 different walks, introducing lots of women to my favorite outdoor activity. The fun thing about camp is that we get to walk on grassy trails, a joy after all the miles on paved paths.  The camp is on the St Croix River with lots of trees and open fields.  The brisk air, yes it’s still cold here in Minnesota, combined with the rhythm of the walk, kept us at a good pace.  As always everyone really enjoyed the opportunity to try the poles.

The highlight of Saturday was when Julie and I took a break and went for our own walk down the hill towards the river.  There is an eagle’s nest on the trail.  When we stopped to look at it the eagle came flying out of the tree behind us, swooping down over our heads on it’s way to the nest.  Took our breath away!

I’m please to say that Brynda from Hudson is going to try and start a Nordic Walking group on the east side.

We’ve done lots of classes in Stillwater and so she has a base of walkers.  Good luck to her!

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