Winter Nordic Walking

The snow in Minnesota has quickly changed our walks from fall to winter experiences. It is possible to walk outdoors year round with your poles. Time to remind ourselves what we need to do to enjoy those cold weather walks.

1. Dress in layers.  You don’t need big bulky clothing to enjoy Nordic walking when it’s cold out.  Start with a base layer for wicking, add a warm layer for insulation and finally a wind protection on the outside.  You’ll warm up quickly as you walk.  Cross country ski gloves or lobster mitts work well for your hands.

2. Consider a pair of water proof insulated walking shoes or light hiking shoes for winter walking.

3. Take the rubber tips off.  When on snow and ice simply remove your rubber tips, lengthen your poles about 2 cm and step out in confidence.

4. Put on a smile and brave the elements!  Don’t let the weather keep you inside if you’re able to be outside.

5. If you cannot safely walk outside, find a place to walk inside. Check with your local community programs for indoor tracks, go the mall before they open (you’ll need to find non slip floors), search indoor walking for your area.  Sometimes there may be a small fee but most of these will be free.

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