A Nordic Walk a day…

Just when you don’t think anyone cares someone writes an article about Nordic Walking and boom!  you find out there are lots of interested people out there.  Thank you to Shannon Prather and the Star Tribune for the fun article on November 12.

Everyone knows that the prescription for a healthy life is to take a walk everyday.  What many don’t know is that a Nordic walk is the best walk to keep your whole body strong and in good shape.  It’s really so simple to add poles and get all the extra benefits, so why isn’t everyone walking with poles?

It can’t be the cost, poles range in price from $1oo for a good aluminum pole up to $200 for a composite or carbon shaft.  A very small investment with long term return and there are no tune ups required.  As long as you buy a quality pole you will have replacement parts to keep your poles part of your daily workout for years to come.  The only other thing you need is a good pair of walking shoes and you’ll be off and walking!

It’s not hard to learn how to Nordic walk.  A good introductory class and a few walks with an instructor or group and you’ll be in the swing and the rhythm.

You’ll feel the benefits after the first walk so there’s no delay in gratification.  By the end of the first mile you’ll be standing taller, adding a little pressure to the pole tip, and smiling.

My take on it – it’s the poles themselves.  We are apparently very self conscious of what people will think if they see us walking with poles.  They will wonder if you’re training for Nordic skiing.  They may think you’re using them for balance only.  They might surmise that you just love snow and forgot your skis.  But they obviously have never tried it so we can either leave them wondering or we can share the goodness of the poles with them.

So step out proudly with your poles!  Be the one everyone envies as you shape up and stand tall.



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