Unplug and Open Your Senses

I was at the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum yesterday to celebrate my retirement with the gang that has supported the Arboretum Outdoors with Hoigaards program throughout the years.  I took the opportunity to have a solo Nordic walk.  Abandoning the 3 mile drive I walked the trails and meandered my way through the gardens.

I walk unplugged.  No music, no ear buds, no phone ringing.  It’s a special time to listen to the world around me instead of the noise of everyday life.  I can feel my senses come alive as I move into my rhythm and enjoy being surprised around every curve and dip in the trail.

As I wandered the wild flower trail I was delighted by the lady slippers and deep greens of the forest.  In the rose garden the scents ranged from sweet to tangy lemon.  The bushes and shrubs have so many different textures and shapes.  The first fruits are forming on the apple and pear trees.  The sculpture garden was quiet and thoughtful.  The oaks stood tall on the ridge and there were wild turkeys moving below them.  There was one last Rhodadendrum in full bloom.  The bog was overflowing.  Birds sang and called from all around.

I finished with a calm and renewed spirit. Just what I needed in this crazy time.

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