Nordic Walking Interval Training

I’ve spent the past five days skiing in Colorado at Winter Park and Vail.  I was a bit concerned about how I would do in the mountains since I’ve not done much skiing this year.  I am pleased to tell you that all of my Nordic walking training paid off.

Gail and I have been double poling, skipping, lunging and “picking up the pace” all fall in preparation for the ski season.  We were hoping to use some of our increased strength and stamina for some Nordic skiing but winter here has been disappointing at best.  Even our downhill skiing has been limited.  But in the mountains my legs were strong and I skied well!

My dear hubby will tell you I kicked his butt.  I’m not sure about that but I did ski longer than him and was not sore at the end of the day.  Tired from long days on the slopes and ready each morning to do more.

Yea for Nordic walking!

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