Daily Exercise keeps the Doctor Away!

When I don’t exercise I really start to feel my age.  I’m stiff and achy, just don’t feel quite right.  I guess it’s not all in my head.

A recent study from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology shows that “physically active individuals experience less chronic pain than those who are inactive.”  A special note of interest:  “The occurrence of chronic pain among individuals who exercise moderately for at least 30 minutes one to three times a week was close to 10% lower than for those who do not exercise at all.  The difference was even greater among older women…20-40% less in active individuals.”

This study used water aerobics and Nordic walking as part of their protocol.  How exciting!

The article goes on to show a connection between moderate exercise and mental health and pain associated with cancer.  Similar to the studies of walking and brain health it’s all about moderate exercise, 30 minutes 3-5 times per week.

Once again, studies show what we already know, when we move we feel better in body mind and spirit!

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