Outdoor Dark Days Challenge

If you’re reading this blog you’re probably wondering what all the food talk is all about.  Once again this year I am participating in the Dark Days Challenge, started by my daughter a few years ago.  It’s a challenge to cook using local and sustainable ingredients during the dark days of winter.  Most of the other participants are food bloggers and so I’m one of those tag alongs.

In keeping with the spirit of my blog and life, I would like to invite you to join me in an Outdoor Dark Days Challenge.  As we head into winter and it’s harder for many of us to get outdoors, accept the challenge of doing one fun outdoor activity each week from now until the first days of spring.  You can choose anything!  Go for hard core winter activities: snow shoeing, skiing, cross country skiing, skijoring, sledding. Or just go out and play in the snow, take a walk or build a snowman.

Be creative, have fun but most important, get outdoors!  Don’t let old man winter keep you huddled up inside!

And let me know what you do!  I’d love to hear about your winter adventures.

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