2011 Birkie Trail Run and Trek!

birkie trek 1

It’s always more fun in a group and the Birkie Trek this weekend had 147 nordic walkers swinging their poles and sharing the trail together.

That’s a really fun time!

The Birkie Trail Run and Trek had 906 participants this weekend.  That includes the individual marathon, individual half marathon, team marathon, half marathon “trek”, and a 5K walk and run. It was the fourth year for the Birkie Trek, we began at the infamous OO and proceeded to the legendary Telemark Lodge in Cable, Wisconsin.  In the tradition of European Volksmarching it is an untimed event encouraging everyone to walk the trail at their own speed, enjoying the fall colors and new friendships as they go.

The Birkie Trail is a true gift and the people that care for it are angels.  In most places it is almost 16 feet wide as it meanders up and down and around for miles and miles. It is a trail of natural surprises and wonders, unique in it’s own way, and a treasure for all of us.

The Nordic Walking Queen was there to start the half marathon.  I walked the first 5K with people that I know from classes, events, and previous Birkie Treks as well as newbies doing it for the first time and trying to figure out what to do with the poles in their hands. LEKI sends demo poles for free use at the Trek for anyone wanting to try out the poles. It was a joy and a blessing to share the morning with all of them.

I jumped off the trail and went to the beginning of the 5K to mingle with the walkers and runners and encourage them to try the half marathon next year.  I did a quick warm up with them and  set off on the trail. The best part was that I finished the trek with walkers from both the half marathon and the 5K, celebrating their individual journeys of the day.

Next year the Birkie Trek will be September 29.  Hope to see you there!

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