Day 24 Quiet Please

I took this day off.  After traveling for so long I really needed a quiet day, one with a walk so I could get inside my head and just wander around a bit.  Dan and I hiked Ousel Falls with Michelle and Brian’s dogs in the morning.  It’s really a pretty hike, small canyon with frozen falls at the top of the trail.  The dogs loved being out and I loved the relaxed walk on a snowy trail.

Back at the car I opted to walk home, “my time”.  I miss walking.  It felt really good to just put one foot in front of the other as I relaxed into my pace and let my mind free.  No poles but I found my rhythm and then started wondering how I felt about this trip, the time away, the time on the mountain, the time doing nothing.  It’s alot.  As I sort it all out I’ll let you know where I stand.

We walked into the meadows and had dinner at the Lotus Pad, a thai cuisine restaurant.  Excellent food, excellent end to the day.  Tomorrow we ski.

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