Day 19-23 On the road again

I’ve been off the grid for 5 days.  After skiing at Vail Meta and I drove back to Bozeman on Friday, Dan and I drove to Sandpoint, Idaho on Saturday, skied Schweitzer Sunday and Monday and then drove back on Tuesday.  I’m a bit road weary. I won’t bore you with catching up completely but will try to simply give you a flavor for this portion of the trip.

Fences!  When you travel the hiways you become very aware of the miles and miles of fence that line the roads and go in all directions with all kinds of purposes.  Fences to keep animals off the roadways. Fences to keep animals in their pastures.  Fences to stop the snow.  Fences marking boundaries and property lines.  Fences to keep people from crossing those same lines.  Fences to define yards and homes together as one.  Miles and miles of fences.  It always gets me thinking about the fences I’ve put up in my life.  Do I have fences to keep people out?  Or do I have snow fences that gather them and drop them into my life?  or maybe I’m an open grazing zone with no fences.  What are your fences?

My daughter invited us to celebrate her birthday in Idaho.  I love skiing with my kyds so we met Laura and Mike at a cabin in the woods overlooking Lake Pend d’oreille.  Schweitzer didn’t have fresh snow but we found lots to play in making fresh tracks in the trees.  It’s a beautiful mountain and we ended both days with the ski patrol calling out “CLOSING” as they swept the mountain behind us.   Good thing we were able to stay ahead of them and make last chair to the top.

Yesterday we drove back on Hiway 200 following the Clark Fork River through Idaho and Montana. It was beautiful, a shorter drive than the freeway and no passes to go over!  I’d highly recommend it if you’re ever in the area.  We’re back in Big Sky.  We’ll stay with Michelle and Brian til Saturday then one last move back up to the Lake Condo’s for the final days.

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