Day 25 Wind Hold

Started the day with a quick walk with the dogs.  Feels like I’m getting back into my rhythm, altho it’s not a walk at 5:30am but rather at 8am.  Still a chance to get out and move at my pace.  Puts me at ease with the day.

Dan and I drove up the mountain to Big Sky looking forward to skiing some of our favorite glades with a little new snow. But it was not to be.  Wind swept up and across the mountain and many lifts were on wind hold.  I really don’t like the wind and especially on the mountain.  We gave up after an hour, got a voucher for another day, and changed clothes to go snowshoe in Beehive Basin.

Loaded up the dogs and enjoyed the up and down of the trail.  It was quiet, the wind stayed high above us.  Dan is willing but it’s not his first choice and he’s not spent much time in snowshoes this winter so we did lots of “breathing stops”.  It gives me a chance to breathe deep the fresh air and marvel at the vistas.

I changed clothes multiple times today, amazing how you need something different everytime you step out to do another activity.  The final change was to yoga pants with a glass of wine.  With any luck that wind blew in some snow for tonite.

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