Snowshoe on Lee’s Pool Trail

It was another blustery day and everyone was working including Mr Linda Lemke. I considered taking my tele skis out for some turns but didn’t want to battle the wind so opted for a snowshoe instead.

Checking in at Moonlight there was one other woman, from Atlanta, for the free guided snowshoe. A short ways into the forest it was clear that this was more than she bargained for so I lost my free guide and set off on my own. Just me, the mountain, the trees and the trail.

It was perfect. Three miles of solitude broken only be the occasional bird, the sled dog teams that passed below me, and of course the wind speaking thru the trees. I slowed my steps to enjoy the journey and allowed numerous stops to enjoy the marvelous mountain vistas.

I finished the 3 miles in an hour and a half then joined Michelle, my niece, for lunch at the Madison. And then I still had the whole afternoon to enjoy.

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