Intentional Walking

The City of Lakes Trail Loppet is 2 weeks from today.  Nordic Walking a half marathon, 13.2 miles, on trail. It’s not the Birkie, 18 feet of mowed path through the woods but think single track mountain bike and you get the right image. It won’t be an easy event.  To be successful one must be intentional about training.

That was how early this morning I was at French Park to meet 2 friends for a long Nordic Walk on trail. Our goal was 2 hours with a few extra ups and downs on the hills.  The morning was cool and crisp, a delightful change from the hot humid weather of our summer. 

My wet feet from the heavy dew served to remind me to wear my gore tex shoes the morning of the Loppet. We headed out with a second goal of marking a 5K for the Nordic Walk for Wolves coming up on October 19. 

Two hours and 6 miles later we had accomplished both of our goals.  I have a map for the 5k and we had walked almost half the distance of the event.  But the best part was our time shared on the trail, the surprise of an albino squirrel, the clear blue skies of a September morning, and the promise of a beautiful day ahead of us.

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