Nordic Walk for Wolves – October 19


One of my favorite places in Ely is the International Wolf Center.  I’ve been captivated by the wolves ever since my very first visit. The large viewing windows in the visitor center bring you up close and personal with the wolves.  If you have the time there are special programs at the center as well as fabulous trips both in the Ely area as well as in remote locations. 

The Wolf Center is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary this year and in honor of that we are hosting the first annual “Nordic Walk for Wolves” on Tuesday, October 19 at French Park in Plymouth Minnesota.  It’s a chance to come out and support a great program, to “walk on all fours” with our Nordic Walking pack and to howl on the trails.  This is a first of it’s kind as it’s truly a Nordic Walking Event.  Of course “vanilla” walkers (walkers without poles) are invited to join us but don’t be surprised if they end up with a pair of poles in their hands.

We’ll meet at 5pm at the Skyview Picnic Area at French Park.  There will be a quick Introduction to Nordic Walking at 5:30pm and the 5K walk will begin with a big howl at 6pm.  We’ll walk on the trails, all trails are lit so everyone will be able to complete their walk safely.  Of course you can always opt to do a shorter walk. Registration fee: $25 

Details and to register:

I’ll look forward to seeing you there!

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