Labor day paddle

Dan and I slept in today and then loaded up for a quick kayak out on Lake Minnetonka.

It’s a big lake with lots of bays and we planned to put in on North Arm bay where our son Danny is living this summer.

We’re getting good at loading up our boats, had everything ready to go in 10 minutes today.  Coffee in mugs and we were out the door. Leaving the dock we paddled into a smaller bay to get out of the wind.  The houses and boats were impressive on the lake. We moved into a back water area following a long dock where the water was calm and the cat tails were 8-10 feet tall above our heads.  

It was a quiet morning on the lake, the big boats weren’t out yet and only a couple of jet skis broke the silence.  The kayak rhythm grabbed us and Dan is even talking about buying some shorter plastic kayaks so we can have access to some of the local rivers.

guess he really does like his new kayak.

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