Just a typical morning

By the time I left for work this morning I had taken 10,283 steps for the equivalent of 6.04 miles, burned 1425 calories and had 7 leaves on my “fitbit flower”.It was 11:15am.
I got up at 5:30am and Nordic Walked with Gail, first time for the 2 of us to be together on the trail for a few days as her family has been in town, it felt good to be back in sync
7:45am I was on my way to Cub to get canning jars and black peppercorns to make dill pickles, seems my brother picked almost a bushel of cucumbers over the weekend for me to process.  Cucumbers don’t wait so they had to be done this morning. With the help of Gail’s sister Lois and her husband Tim we did 26 quarts and 6 pints of pickles by 9:15am.  The lids all popped,  promise of good eating in the months to come.
9:30 the kitchen was all cleaned up, laundry going, Tim and Lois on the road to Ely and I went out to check gardens and chickens.  Strawberry tops to the chickens and zuchinni to pick, the green beans and cukes can wait til tomorrow. I dumped compost buckets and took a little more recycling out to the street.  I needed something to eat so grabbed a quick bowl of yogurt and berries, did I mention we picked blueberries on Friday and I came home with 24 pounds of blue gold? yum

It was now 10:30am and time to clean up and get to work.  I was on the 12-8 shift at Hoigaard’s today.
Just a normal day in life on the Jondahl Compound.

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