Dragonflies, butterflies and birds – Oh My!

Did you know?

Dragonflies swarm

I spent Monday in Belgrade MN with my brother who is newly diagnosed with cancer.  It had been a long day filled with appointments and lots of information to process. My head and heart were full as I drove home.  I was enjoying the quiet of the road when I was suddenly surrounded by hundreds of large dragonflies swarming above and around my car.  

I’d never seen dragonflies in a group like this.  The hiway curves and wraps through the countryside and as I rounded the next bend I drove through a second swarm and then a third.  As I caught my breath in amazement the next gathering was yellow butterflies all over the road. What a sight!  

It wasn’t over yet. Another mile or so and there was a large flock of small birds once again swarming and darting together.  At the top of the next hill the setting sun flashed in my rear view mirror, a perfect orange globe in the last few moments of the day, slowly disappearing below the horizon and then reflecting orange into the evening sky.

Red at night, Sailor’s delight.  My feelings of desperation and fear were replaced by hope.  The gathering of all that energy caught me by surprise and left me in wonder.   

I hope you’re gathering energy and wonder from these summer days. Just as the dragonflies, butterflies and birds came together in celebration last night, let’s all celebrate the opportunities to come together outdoors with friends and family.  Be a dragonfly, fly and loop around each other, laugh and play, dance in the setting sun.

In celebration of life and energy


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