The death of a good friend

Laura called tonite to tell me that Cody, her little horse and good friend had gone colic and they’d had to put him down.  It was most unexpected and sad news to get from her.  It’s never easy to loose a good friend.  Cody had come into her life with spirit and energy and they fit well together.  Most recently they were taking riding lessons together, Laura said Cody knew more than she did and the lessons were catching her up. She began and ended her day by checking on him, one final good night before everyone turned in for the night.  There is a very big hole in her life right now, he will be missed.  My heart is heavy tonight and I wish we were closer so I could help to comfort her and say good bye to her spirited little pony.

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One Response to The death of a good friend

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks Mom. He is missed.

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