End of the Dark Days

My last Dark Days Challenge meal was a real celebration of the end of winter and first beginnings of spring.Searching in cupboards, freezer and pantry I came up with peppercorn fettuccine from Farmer’s Market, strawberries and blueberries, frozen pesto and tomato sauce, and home grown chicken.  The coop had local lettuce (it’s packaged with the dirt still on it) and tomatoes.  Put it all together with local pull apart dried tomato basil foccacia bread, add my sister, best friend and husband and we had a delightful dinner of fettuccine with chicken and pesto and a light tomato sauce on the side, salad and bread with berries for dessert.The best thing about Dark Days: learning that even in the frozen Minnesota winter you can eat local all through the cold months.  With Sam starting the garden in the green house we’ll have even more in our freezers for next year!

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