High Altitude Nordic Walking



Altitude can definitely kick my butt.


We’ve been living at 7400 feet for the past week at Big Sky Montana.  It’s not an easy altitude for basic things like sleeping, enjoying a glass of wine, breathing under exertion and skiing.  It takes a few days of major hydration and taking it a little easy and then the mountain is your playground!


We’ve enjoyed spring skiing, warm sunny days with soft snow on the mountain. It’s been short days due to daylight savings time moving the warm up back an hour and it’s left me with time for a Nordic walk to stretch out my legs and do some moving meditation at the end of the day.  There’s nothing like walking with the grand views of Lone Peak, the Spanish Peaks and all the valleys that make up this beautiful area!


Tomorrow we head home, but I’ll keep these amazing vistas in my head and in my heart for days to come.

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