Dark Days Challenge Week 17

We’re back in Big Sky this week with the additional challenge of eating local when we’re out of town staying in a condo.  True to the spirit of the Dark Days Challenge I decided to play with the rules a little and modify my challenge this week to be a local main dish for every meal.  The fun part was combining local Minnesota carried in the car with local Montana purchased here in Bozeman.


My niece Michelle lives on the mountain. She kicked off the week by welcoming us with a dinner of venison cooked in wine and mushrooms served over noodles. The venison came from the fall hunt, about as local and delicious as you can get. 


Monday featured Montana grass fed beef steaks cooked on the grill with organic Idaho baked potatoes, smothered in Minnesota Creamery butter and sour cream to celebrate Michelle and Brian’s engagement.


Tuesday we enjoyed dinner at The Cabin at Big Sky and I ordered the Elk, raised in Montana and served with Idaho mashed potatoes. 


Wednesday I made Lamb Shepherd Pie with home raised lamb, onions and carrots from Mpls Farmer’s market last fall (can’t believe they made it this long) once again served over those wonderful Idaho potatoes.  Can you tell I love being in Montana and having potatoes grown nearby!


Dinner tonite will be a pork roast from our freezer with organic saurkraut, hopefully next year I’ll have my own to use, and Friday’s plan is Minnesota Sunshine Spaghetti with sauce made with ground pork from the same pig flavored with spices that I carried home from Italy 2 years ago. Unfortunately I forgot the tomatoes from the freezer so will have to substitute organic canned crushed tomatoes.


Saturday we’ll be driving home having enjoyed a wonderful combination of local meals here in Montana!

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