Dark Days Challenge Week 15

Sometimes standing in the kitchen is an aha moment.


I had worked all day and then led a winter Nordic walk with 15 walkers at Centennial Lakes this evening.  I was very hungry when I got home.  I was glad that I had  planned ahead and browned some Thousand Acre Ground beef to make tacos for dinner.


Dan called to say he was going to watch the last Ski Challenge Race night with the Hoigaard’s Team, he couldn’t race this year becuz of his broken hip, but he wanted to have a beer to celebrate the end of the season. I came home to an empty house and an empty stomach.


I put a locally made tortilla shell in the pan, layered some fresh Wisconsin Cheese on it to melt, and heated the local beef already cooked. I took out MN Dairy sour cream, my sister’s homemade salsa, hothouse lettuce and aha I had a local dinner with all the ingredients in the pan. 


(The only exception was the Ortega taco seasoning I used)

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