sometimes you just have to push yourself

We started our last day at Big Sky at the top of Lone Peak. We signed out to ski the North Summit at about 10:45am.  Look to the very top and think about skiing down the snow field towards the line of rocks in the center of the photo. It was cold!  like 5 degrees. So the snow was stiff and so was I.Once again there was no turning back so we took turns skiing the “whale” and the “gorge” down to the safe spot.  I definitely got my cardio workout.  The total vertical is 4000 feet to the bottom of the “6 shooter” lift at Moonlight. Essentially you go from the very top to the very bottom.  I need to tell you that this is definitely outside my comfort level of skiing.  It’s very high, very steep and the snow was less than perfect. but the sense of accomplishment for having made it down in good style will keep me pumped all the way home to Minnesota.

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