Back to the Birkie

It is such a joy to walk in the woods!  

 Julie and I headed back to the Birkie trail in Wisconsin for 2 days of Nordic Walking Clinics in the woods.   We do so much of our nordic walking with “tips on”  that it’s nice to get on the soft dirt and grass on the trail.  We really are made for walking on the earth, not pavement. 

 Early Friday morning we hooked up with 20 members of Ski and Tea, the women’s group led by our counter reality partners Juli and Linda.  It was fun to be reconnected with them and to do some nordic walking.  There were many familiar faces and some new women as well.  Coffee and scones at Moose Lips were our reward for all the hills we did on the trail.

 There were about 40 people who came on Saturday morning to try nordic walking with us. Not as many as last year but I have to admit that the 62 last year was a bit overwhelming.  There were several couples and lots of friends bringing friends. It was great to see so many men enjoying the  poles. 

The clinics topped off a marathon week of nordic walking. Monday thru Wednesday were 3 walk days with my own loop early in the morning, noon demo’s and evening classes and intro’s. We even walked at the Arboretum twice, Tuesday nite with the Son’s of Norway and Sunday for Father’s Day.  I’m not sure how many miles but I was glad for a day off yesterday (Julie and her husband Andy did the walk at the Arboretum, I went to the store and sold poles)  Now it’s time to pack for the kayaking trip!

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