My favorite things

My favorite walk right now is around the ponds at Carlson Twin Towers. It’s like our own Wild Nature Show just out our front door. 


 The first pond almost always has at least one egret with a little green heron and families of ducks and geese. 


 Once we get to the island mother nature really kicks up her heels with great blue herons,


more egrets, mother wood ducks with a dozen babies following close behind, a beaver swimming, and even a snapping turtle laying her eggs beside the path. 


Getting down close and personal to take her picture was perhaps not the smartest thing I’ve ever done but she was very intent on her job and didn’t really pay me no mind.

 It’s a beautiful start to a brand new day, connected to the natural world, being one with the earth as my husband likes to say.  Get out tomorrow and see for yourself.

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4 Responses to My favorite things

  1. meta orvis says:

    that snapper is HUGE! OMG. meta

  2. meta orvis says:

    enjoy your blogs. and that snapper is unbelievably huge.

  3. meta orvis says:

    bad news gals, snappers have ridges, this is softback turtle. jimorvis

  4. lindalemke says:

    didn’t know that we had softback turtles here, I figured she wasn’t a paint so she must be a snapper. Guess I may have to check out my files for a true identity. In the meantime, she was huge and she was a beautiful mom and she didn’t bite me.

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