HOW Women go to Breckenridge

Did you Know?

When you combine 11 women, 4 sunny days on the mountain, 5 fabulous dinners and endless stories shared you come up with the HOW trip to Breckenridge last week.

I’m fond of saying that my job got a whole lot better when HOW was created. (Thanks Todd!)  Traveling with a group of women is a wonder filled adventure and I must admit I didn’t plan many “women only” outings before HOW. Of course I had my daycare mom’s, my sisters, and my soul mate Gail, but we don’t make our time together a priority. It’s hard to find the time to get together for a cup of coffee or a simple dinner, letting family, spouse and work take the main stage in our lives. 

But choosing to spend time with women, choosing to spend time being nourished and cared for, choosing to allow yourself to simply be who you are for a bit of time, choosing to just go and have fun, that’s the gift of traveling with women. You always have permission to do what works for you;  Nordic skiing or snowshoeing instead of downhill, stopping early to shop or take a nap, skiing greens instead of blues. It’s different from any other family or business trip you’ll ever take!

And it’s all about the food!  The kitchen, also fondly called the mess hall, was the center of our “off hill” activity.  Julie shared her Betty Crocker expertise, Jean was in charge of morning coffee, and Laura was constantly taking pictures of what we were eating.  From our “traditional” pasta bar to apre skiing at the mountain base to the funtastic carriage ride on our way to dinner at the Steak and Rib our last evening it was delicious! 

We return to our real lives refreshed and recreated from our time on the mountain. Thank you to all the women who joined Julie and me on this adventure!  We’ll provide a link to pictures as soon as we get them organized.

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