Two Weeks is a long time to be away.

The last two weeks have been full of great days on the slopes and evenings with friends and family.  It all started with 4 days in Keystone at the Industry Demo Days, skiing all the new equipment for next year. What a blast!  From there we dropped down to Crested Butte for 2 days with family friends skiing fresh tracks, then up through Salt Lake with a quick stop to see my husband’s brother and his family.  We met my brother in Big Sky on Tuesday just in time for more snow.  We have a history of bringing snow with us wherever we go and it was true again this year.  My niece, Michelle – Special Events Planner for Moonlight Basin, was explaining to a friend that we used to joke about it but after 5 years of an almost perfect record (last year it waited til we left in March, then snowed big time) they joke about inviting us to come out so it will snow.  I had 10 fun days on the slopes, doing one of my favorite things. 

We just got home today, Monday afternoon.  I’m a real “homebody” and so being on the road for 17 days is really exhausting for me. As much as I love being in the mountains I do like sleeping in my own bed.  And there’s that piece of feeling a little out of touch after so long. My reconnection will be a quick one this time, we leave early Sunday morning for the HOW Trip to Breckenridge.  Just enough time to answer emails, do some laundry, check on things at work and then be off again – back to the mountains.

As winter starts to wind down I hope you’re all making tracks in this new snow. What a gift it is after the rain of last week, I’m glad I missed that.  Julie tells me that the cross country trails are in good shape so I’m looking forward to Tuesday night at French Park.  I’ll see you there at 6pm.  And for all you cooped up Nordic Walkers be sure to meet us at the Stone Arch Bridge on Wednesday nite, also at 6pm, for the “Blue Walk” next to the 35W  Bridge. 

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  1. Nikki says:

    I just perused your past few postings (back through the beginning of December) and wanted to know that I had stopped me for a read. I’m glad to hear you had so much fun on your skiing extravaganza (of course I am jealous…i’ve only logged 8 days total of skiing all season, and will only add 3 more before the snow melts)

    Keep enjoying it!

    One of your favorite nieces 🙂

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