Birkie Trek Accomplished!

I did it!  Nordic Walked 13.1 miles on the Birkie Trail with my poles and 97 other pole walkers. Not being a nordic skier I’ve never done the Birkie or any other “marathon” events.  I was really excited and a little nervous to do a half marathon nordic walking.  It was an exciting event, well organized with over 400 participants in the 4 different offerings: relay marathon, 1/2 marathon of running, 1/2 marathon of nordic walking and a 5K fun run/walk.

 The weather was perfect!  Not a cloud in the sky and 55 degrees at the start.  The trees were just beginning to show some fall color.  The trail is actually almost a grassy road through the woods, 18 feet wide with rolling hills all the way.  It never goes flat, you’re always either going up or down so it’s quite the workout.  The staff and volunteers who take care of trail maintenance do a terrific job, the grass is mowed and large obstacles are removed on a regular basis.  It cleary is a labor of love for them.

 My goal was to try and maintain 15 minute miles throughout the Trek.  I finished in 3 hours and 18 minutes, just over my goal.  The events were staggered so everyone finished at the same time and it was fun to come across the finish line with runners and walkers of all ages. 

 I really enjoyed the challenge of doing the distance.  I wasn’t sure how it would feel to walk that long but I felt strong and once I warmed up and fell into rhythm the time flew by.  There were lots of conversations and new friends to be made on the trail, and there were surprises around every bend of the trail.

 It’s an annual event so you might think about joining us next year!

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