Winter is the time to be challenged, empowered and invigorated by Cold

For many people “cold” is a four letter word.  They don’t like the cold and spend their winter trying to avoid being out in it. But if your winter is a cold season and you are healthy enough to enjoy it we need to help you change your attitude about cold so that it can be something that challenges you, empowers you and invigorates you during the dark days of winter.

“Cold” will challenge you to do your best.  Are you the fair weather type, only go out when it’s nice?  That’s the easy time. When the temperature dips and you have to layer up to go outside to play it’s hard find the motivation and will power to make it happen.  But you can learn to bundle up and enjoy the cold.  Your time outside may be shorter but it will be a healthy experience none the less. Enjoy your sense of achievement for a job well done when you’ve battled the cold and won!

“Cold” empowers us to be creative and try new things.Take your walk off the sidewalks and into the woods for a winter wonderland experience. Try something new – snowshoeing, sledding, cross country skiing, downhill sliding on skis or boards and ice skating are all fun winter activities.

“Cold” is a fat burner.  Your body is working hard to stay warm and so you burn more calories playing outside in the cold than you do on a warm sunny day.

Finally, “cold” is invigorating!   Winter is mother nature wrapped in the beauty of snow and ice. Breathe the cold air, move in new ways, free yourself to be out in the cold, allow it to embrace you and experience the outdoor world in a new way. When you come back in with rosy cheeks and cold toes you’ll know it was a special time.



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